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Contracts Library

To increase dApp performance, we aim to provide ways to reduce the number of calls made by Taquito to the RPC. The @mavrykdynamics/taquito-contracts-library package allows developers to supply the static contracts data, preventing Taquito from fetching them from the network.

The ContractsLibrary class can be populated by users with contract addresses and their corresponding script and entry points. Then, the ContractsLibrary instance can be injected into a TezosToolkit as an extension using its addExtension method.

When creating a ContractAbstraction instance using the at method of the Contract or the Wallet API, if a ContractsLibrary is present on the TezosToolkit instance, the script and entry points of the contract will be loaded from the ContractsLibrary. Otherwise, the values will be fetched from the RPC as usual.

Example of use:

import { ContractsLibrary } from '@mavrykdynamics/taquito-contracts-library';
import { TezosToolkit } from '@mavrykdynamics/taquito';
const contractsLibrary = new ContractsLibrary();
const Tezos = new TezosToolkit('rpc');
'contractAddress1': {
script: script1, // script should be obtained from Tezos.rpc.getNormalizedScript('contractAddress1')
entrypoints: entrypoints1 // entrypoints should be obtained from Tezos.rpc.getEntrypoints('contractAddress1')
'contractAddress2': {
script: script2,
entrypoints: entrypoints2
// The script en entrypoints are loaded from the contractsLibrary instead of the RPC
const contract = await'contractAddress1');

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