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Version: 19.0.0

RPC caching


The RpcClientCache class aims to improve the performance of dApps built using Taquito by reducing the number of calls made to the RPC.

The constructor of the RpcClientCache class takes a RpcClient instance as a parameter and an optional ttl (time to live). By default, the ttl is of 1000 milliseconds. The RpcClientCache acts as a decorator over the RpcClient instance. The RpcClient responses will be cached for the period defined by the ttl.

Example of use:

The following example shows how to integrate the RpcClientCache with the TezosToolkit:

import { TezosToolkit } from '@mavrykdynamics/taquito';
import { RpcClient, RpcClientCache } from '@mavrykdynamics/taquito-rpc';
const rpcClient = new RpcClient('replace_with_RPC_URL');
const tezos = new TezosToolkit(new RpcClientCache(rpcClient));

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