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Version: 19.1.0

Consensus Keys

The "consensus key" feature allows bakers to use a different key, called the consensus key. It will allow for baking and signing consensus operations (i.e. preattestation/preendorsements and attestation/endorsements). For more detailed information on consensus keys, refer to this documentation

Starting from Lima protocol, these 2 new operations will be available:

Update Consensus Key

This is a manager operation that must be signed by the manager key of the baker. This operation updates the consensus key of the baker to PUBLIC_KEY starting from the current cycle plus PRESERVED_CYCLES + 1. A consensus key can only be used by a single baker, the operation will fail otherwise.


const op = await Tezos.contract.updateConsensusKey({
await op.confirmation();
  • pk is the public key you want the consensus key to point to

Drain Delegate

This is an operation that must be signed by the active consensus key consensus_pkh of the baker baker_pkh. This operation immediately transfers all the spendable balance of the baker_pkh’s implicit account into the destination_pkh implicit account. It has no effect on the frozen balance. This operation is included in pass 2 (anonymous operations). So drain operations don’t compete with regular manager operations for gas and block size quota; the 1M restriction (one-operation-per-manager-per-block) applies to drain operations as well, meaning that a drain for a baker and a transfer operation from the same baker are in conflict. As an incentive for bakers to include drain operations, a fixed fraction of the drained baker’s spendable balance is transferred as fees to the baker that includes the operation, i.e. the maximum between 1tz or 1% of the spendable balance.


const drain = await Tezos.contract.drainDelegate({
consensus_key: 'CONSENSUS_PKH',
delegate: 'BAKER_PKH',
destination: 'DESTINATION_PKH',
await drain.confirmation();
  • consensus_key is the public key hash of the updated consensus key
  • delegate is the public key hash of the baker/delegate
  • destination is the public key hash of the destination account

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